KOA Endurance, K3, is a home grown adventure. My wife and I are triathlon enthusiasts who want to bring triathlon to the community. We are based out of the San Gabriel Valley in California, but have expanded all over Los Angeles County.


We believe that anyone, young or old, big or small, talented in a sport or just figuring it all out, has the chance to be a triathlete. We know the power that endurance sports have on changing  an individual, and we want to empower you to be an #endurancewarrior.


The K3 coaching approach uses many proven training concepts, out of the box thinking, and an up to date approach on all recovery and technological tools. Through our own experiences and training backgrounds, K3 develops one-on-one programs that will help build the strength of a warrior to cross the finish line no matter the distance.


To find out more about our founders and coaches please, click here.

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